March 2024 – Welcome to our newest graduate students, Julia Senkina, Hyun Kyung Lee, and Matt Pickett!


Oct 2023 – Will and Leah published their paper “Acetyl-methyllysine marks chromatin at active transcription start sites” in Nature. A fantastic conclusion to an epic research saga, as well as the start of the next exciting Simon lab adventure!


March 2023 – Welcome to our newest graduate student, Jiaqi Li!


Aug 2022 – Meg, Isaac, and Lea published their paper “Internally controlled RNA sequencing comparisons using nucleoside recoding chemistry” in Nucleic Acids Research. Congratulations on a job well done!


Mar 2022 – Welcome to our newest graduate student, Alexandra Zhang!


Sept 2021 – Congratulations to Josh whose paper “STL-seq reveals pause-release and termination kinetics for promoter-proximal paused RNA polymerase II transcripts” was published in Molecular Cell!


April 2021 – Welcome to our newest lab member and graduate student, Andreas Pintado-Urbanc!


Mar 2020 – Welcome to our newest lab member and graduate student, Isaac Vock!


Mar 2020 – Martin Machyna and Lea Kiefer publish their paper “Enhanced nucleotide chemistry and toehold nanotechnology reveals lncRNA spreading on chromatin” in Nat Struct Mol Biol.


Oct 2019 – Tyler Smith and Madeline Zoltek publish their paper “Reengineering a tRNA methaltransferase to covalently capture new RNA substrates” in JACS.


April 2019 – Lea Kiefer published a viewpoint on “Stella’s Role in Oocyte DNA Methylation Suggests Additional Activities of DNMT1” in Biochemistry.


April 2019 – Daniele Canzio in collaboration with Erin Duffy publishes his paper “Antisense lncRNA Transcription Mediates DNA Demethylation to Drive Stochastic Protocadherin α Promoter Choice” in Cell.


Nov 2018 – Peter Wang, Alec Sexton and William Culligan publish their paper “Carbodiimide reagents for the chemical probing of RNA structure in cells ” in RNA.


Oct 2018 – Erin Duffy and Jeremy Schofield publish a comprehensive review on exploiting the chemistry of 4-thiouridine to study RNA population dynamics.


Oct 2018 – Josh successfully passed his qualifying exam!


Oct 2018 – Congratulations to Lea Kiefer and Jeremy Schofield whose communication “Expanding the Nucleotide Recoding Toolkit: Revealing RNA Population Dynamics with 6-Thioguanosine.” was accepted into JACS.


May 2018 – We are congratulating our graduating undergraduates Peter and Maddie, and first graduate student of the lab, Erin!


May 2018 – Welcoming our new lab members Josh, Michelle and Tyler&Laura’s first son Jack Wesley!


April 2018 – Lea Kiefer receives the American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship!


Feb 2018 – Congratulations to Erin Duffy for a great and first of its kind “Simon Lab thesis defense”.


Jan 2018 – Congratulations to Jeremy Schofield, Erin Duffy, Lea Kiefer and Meg Sullivan whose manuscript “TimeLapse-seq: Adding a temporal dimension to RNA sequencing through nucleoside recoding“ was published in Nature Methods.


Nov 2017 – Check out Martin Machyna’s review on “Catching RNAs on chromatin using hybridization capture methods“ in Briefings in Functional Genomics.


Oct 2017 – Meg Sullivan passed her qualifying exam, congrats!


Aug 2017 – Congratulations to Alec Sexton, Peter Wang and Michael Rutenberg-Schoenberg whose manuscript on RNA chemical probing to infer structure was published in Biochemistry.


Aug 2017 – Congratulations to Erin Duffy whose collaboration with the Flavell lab at Yale University just got published in Nature.


Mar 2017 – Erin Duffy is awarded the Collegiate Woman of Innovation Award by the Connecticut Technology Council.


Feb 2016 – Congrats to Will Culligan for passing his qualifying exam!


Dec 2016 – Erin Duffy’s updated protocol using efficient chemistry to track RNA populations is now available in Current Protocols in Chemical Biology.


Nov 2016 – Lea Kiefer passed her qualifying exam, congrats!


Aug 2016 – Erin Duffy presented at the Regulatory and ncRNA Conference at CSH.


Jun 2016 – Martin Machyna receives the Charles H. Revson Senior Fellowship in biomedical science!


May 2016 – Congrats to Tyler Smith for becoming a McDougal Teaching Fellow!


Apr 2016 – We have a new lab member: Congratulation to Martin Machyna for the birth of his first child, Oliver!


Mar 2016 – Erin Duffy was awarded a Scholar Award from the Philanthropic Education Organization.


Nov 2015 – Jeremy Schofield passed his qualifying exam, congrats!


Sep 2015 – Congrats to Erin Duffy and Michael Rutenberg-Schoenberg whose paper on using efficient and reversible chemistry to track distinct RNA populations was published in Molecular Cell.


Nov 2014 – Congratulations to Tyler Smith for passing his qualifying exam!


Sept 2013 – Tyler Smith just became a Gruber Science Fellow, congrats!


Oct 2013 – Congrats to Erin Duffy for passing her qualifying exam!


Mar 2012 –Erin Duffy receives the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.